The Little Yoga Mat - ABOUT US

The Story of the Little Yoga Mat 

  The wonderful neighborhood preschool my daughter attecnded in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City is a co-op school.  Parents are actively involved in everything from fund raising to cleaning the classrooms.  When considering what I could offer, I suggested yoga to my daughter’s teacher and she thought it was a great idea. 

  I was excited about my first class, but as it approached I realized I had some basic logistical problems. How do you fit 20 children with yoga mats in a space that could only hold possibly 10?  As a yoga teacher, I always had extra mats so one night my husband and I borrowed a mat knife and cut an adult mat into 4 small mats.  We made 20 identical mats, rolled them up, tied them with a ribbon and gave one to each child in the class as a gift.  They loved them.  The children took to the mats immediately and what I came to find is that the mats were a huge teaching aid, an unexpected discovery.  Having their own mat created a personal space and because the mat size matched their small bodies, it helped them in their yoga practice.  Proportionally they were close to the relationship of an adult mat to an adult body.  The mats became an essential tool when teaching the kids.

  My daughter carried hers proudly on her lap while strolling to and from school.  Many moms stopped and asked “What an adorable mat.  Where can I buy one?”.  And the idea of developing the Little Yoga Mat was born, I created a mat for children under 4 that’s just the right size.

"This product is for all the budding yoginis out there. I invite you to begin your yoga journey with The Little Yoga Mat."






Mat designs are based on authentic yoga poses, Sun and Lotus and dyed with soy based ink in chakra based colors. The Little Yoga Mat is biodegradable, recyclable and hypoallergenic because it is latex, PVC and lead-free. The mats are lightweight with a non-slip grip and clean easily with soap and water.

Size: 14” x 36”
Weight: 11 ounces
Material: Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

2011 CPSIA tested and approved.




Jensen Wheeler Wolfe: Founded the Little Yoga Mat, after teaching yoga classes for her daughter's pre-school.  Jensen has completed teacher trainings at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, Virayoga Yoga in New York City and is a registered teacher with the National Yoga Alliance. Jensen has had a diverse background that includes acting, dancing, magazine researching and television production. For the past 15 years, she has taught yoga to adults and children in New York City.  Jensen lives in Hell's Kitchen New York City in a 5 flight walk up with her husband and daughter. 


nicaelaCallimanopulos.jpgNicaela Callimanopulos: is an artist, designer, yogini, writer and mother of a nine year old girl, Cleo. A love of creativity, and exploration took her to her first yoga class in 1993 and she has enjoyed practicing and teaching since then, combining her evolution in art and spirit in her life practice. She has designed objects, furniture, packaging for museums and has a love of undertaking new and challenging projects. She met Jensen in 1998 at a teacher training and they have come together to create and bring to you TLYM to enable children to start early in their instruction and path of yoga. Please take a look at Nicaela’s artwork at And enjoy! Namaste!